Investment Opportunities

Are you thinking of buying U.S. Real Estate to supplement your retirement?  Purchase one or more properties for rental income?  Or to rehab and resell? Or are you thinking of buying a property to rent out occasionally and use for your own use?  At Easy Properties 4 U, we may have the right investment option and solution available for you! Our investment options are designed to provide investors with an opportunity to earn significantly higher rates of return than your traditional Savings Accounts, GIC’s, Money Market Funds, etc. At the same time we offer you an alternative investment to go along with your Stocks, ETF’s and mutual funds.  Our investment options include:  Private Lending, Joint Venture Partnership and our Turn Key Operation.  A favorite among our clients!


Own Your Own Piece of Paradise!

As most Canadians, we work 40 years to save enough money to one day enjoy what others do on a daily basis. We spend our entire lives enduring brutally cold, long winters, high taxes and most times struggling from pay cheque to pay cheque. The good news is, you can stop all that and really benefit with what we have to offer! The current conditions in the United States have created an unprecedented opportunity to supplement your income and create financial freedom for yourself and your family by investing in US Real Estate. Should you decide to rent your property or properties, you can also enjoy the income and use it to travel to other destinations in the south or around the world!


Why Invest In US Real Estate?

  • Foreclosures are at an all time high, allowing us to buy homes at unheard of discounts.
  • Prices have dropped over 40% in the last 5 years.
  • Our dollar is at or near par with the American dollar.
  • Interest rates are at historical lows.


If ever there was an opportunity for Canadians to invest and  purchase a vacation 0r retirement home and enjoy with family and friends, this is it!  This is a once in a lifetime dream to buy at such discounted prices. With every deal there are challenges you need to meet and overcome.  Even at these huge discounts you will have hurdles to overcome but don’t let that stop you from buying in the USA! Your first encounter when buying this piece of Paradise is contacting a Real Estate Agent.  Not always easy trying to find the best deal roaming through the MLS listing book.

There are several ways to purchase a property:  Foreclosures, Short Sales, Auction Sales or Regular Purchase.  It is easy to find good deals but not always simple to put it together.  Questions come to mind:  Where do we start? How do we find a good real estate agent? Who is going to manage the property at such a far distance?  What insurance policy do I need? This was a question I had especially when it comes to Condominium apartments, it is different in Canada.

If you had owned real estate in Canada like I have, you probably managed your investment properties yourself.  Investing in the US however, things are different. There are cross border issues such as taxes, filing both an income tax return here in Canada and in the US.  Should you have issues for repairs you need to find good people that you can trust who will be competent and honest.  As  a foreign person entering the US, there are issues should you decide to do work yourself.  The government frowns upon foreigners taking away jobs from Americans.  One misconception I always hear is, buying a Vacation property in Florida as a foreigner, has us paying more property taxes than an American. It does not matter whether you are a foreigner or an American, a second property other than a homestead has the same property tax for all.  In fact new rules were introduced in Florida to cap the Market Value Assessment for second properties.

Distress sales can be both good and bad, so how would you know if you got a good deal?  Some of these great deals may need a good amount of renovations, so what turned out to be a good deal can end up being a horror story.  When you place an offer to purchase, you will need first to have an inspection done, get several quotes on what the repairs will cost you, find good contractors, then have someone supervise the work being done and have a final inspection that all work orders are completed to your satisfaction.  To many people this can be stressful and onerous and to say the least, overwhelming.  These are just some of the questions and there are more, however you can easily overcome these hurdles if you are partnering with the right people, who know what they are doing.  Trying to do the work yourself may have you encountering problems when crossing the border and being red flagged by the border patrol and preventing you from entering the US.


Our Solution:

At Easy Properties 4 U, we don’t rely on the MLS for our deals!  Our team has access to pre-foreclosures, short sales, auction properties, wholesale properties and properties not listed to the public through our bank contacts.  This allows us to hand pick the best deals at huge discounts and pass those saving on to you, our clients.

We employ a team of top notch professionals that allow us to complete all of our renovations on budget and on time!  We have good working relationships with real estate agents, property inspectors, project managers and various trades people.  All of our homes have been fully renovated and are move-in ready before we pass them along to our clients and buyers.


Property Management:

We employ property managers who are experienced in working with vacation homes, retirement homes and rental properties large or small.  They are available to monitor and take care of your home while you are not there, as well as renting out your home to others when you are not using it.  This is optional, but is a great way to cover your yearly costs and even help pay for you new vacation home.  How great would it be to own a beautiful home and have someone else pay for it!


Total Solutions:

At Easy Properties 4U, one of our specialties is finding the right vacation or retirement home for you.  We have built a good reputation and solid relationships with our team members to help find the best deal for you at ridiculously low prices. We can have your properties renovated professionally and inexpensively without sacrificing quality.  We can have your property properly maintained and managed so you can enjoyed your stay whenever you decide to be here!  No need to worry about your vacation or retirement home while you are away.  We provide a total solution, so you can rest easy knowing you got the best deal possible.  We have ongoing support so you can enjoy your new vacation or retirement home for years to come!


Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Vacation or Retirement Home!

Let us help you to one day live the dream of vacationing or retiring in the sun!  Many have and why not you?  We will put our team to work and help you with your needs and find the right deal for you.  Our team will help you locate, renovate and maintain your Dream Vacation or Retirement home. We look forward to working with you!  Contact Easy Properties 4 U today!