Joint Venture Partnership

Our Joint Venture Partnership option is ideal for those who do not want to own or manage the investment property, however they still want to earn a monthly income by way of an interest payment cheque and still participate in the profits from a property.  With this option, you invest in real estate without ever having to deal with tenants, rental vacancies or repair and maintenance expenses etc.

How it works:

We enter into a five year partnership agreement.  Your money is used to purchase a property and the property is owned by Easy Properties 4 U.  We look after all repairs, tenant issues, closing, etc.  You will earn 3% per annum on your investment, PLUS 50% of the profits that are realized when the property is sold.


We only want the best properties at the most reasonable attractive price for better resale in the future.  A good property will attract better tenants and also get the best rental rates. We purchase a property at $75,000, includes closing costs and renovations.  We will pay you a fixed rate of return of 3% per annum on your investment, that is approx. $2,250 per year.  GIC rates pay approx. 2.25%.  For the entire duration of the partnership agreement, Easy Properties 4 U will manage the property, follow up on all tenant issues, maintain the property, file for U.S. tax returns and any other issues that may pertain to the property.

Another example:

– Let’s assume that the property sells for $165,000 (consider realtor and legal fees & closing costs)
– The $85,000 profit is split 50/50 between the investor and Easy Properties 4 U
– You would have received $42,500 on the sale of the property
– Total Rental Income is $2,250 per annum = ($11,250 for 5 years) plus $47,500 from proceeds of sale of property
– Your effective rate of return is 78.33% which equals 12.3% per year for the 5 years

Features and Benefits:

  • We acquire, you fund, we manage, we both profit on the sale of the property
  • 50/50 partnership. We share the profits equally
  • You also earn 3% in interest on your investment each year
  • Your money is protected by a mortgage or lien on the property for the amount invested

We managed over 100 units and have 30 years of experience in the rental industry.  Your job is to cash your cheque!  Within five years we sell the property (we set an acceptable appreciation rate).

If you’re interested in becoming a partner with Easy Properties 4 U, you can Contact Us.  We will be happy to discuss our partnership options with you!