Private Lending

This program is ideal for investors who may not desire to own or manage Rental Properties, but still want to participate in earning a higher rate of return on their investment. This option, allows you to invest indirectly in real estate without having to deal with tenants, vacancies, repairs to the property. Typically we hold the investment for one to two years. Depending on the particular investment opportunity, we may hold for a longer period of time up to five years . In some cases, we may sell the property before the end of the term.


Our pledge to you, we guarantee to pay a minimum six months interest on every investment. We will always provide a good return on your investment and also may pay an exit bonus on early property sale. You have the option to reinvest your money into another one of our Investment Properties.


Example #1:

Real Estate Investment:

Investment:           $75,000.00

Rate of Return       7%

Annual Return:    $5,250.00


Example #2:

Guaranteed Investment Certificate:

Investment:            $75,000.00

Rate of Return:       1.8%

Annual Return:     $1,350.00


* Difference in Investment between Example 1 and 2:     $3,900.00


Features and Benefits:


– Pays premium interest rate on your investment

– Protect your invest, pledge a mortgage or lien against the property

– No US Tax issues, interest taxable in Canada

– We pay either in Canadian or US Funds

– Minimum Investment $40,000

– No Management headaches


If this strategy is of interest to you, please Contact Us. We will be happy to provide you with more information!